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Đăng tải bởi: nct_official

Thể loại: Rap Việt

Nhạc sĩ: Mai Ngô, Devilman TYO

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Who's talking real on the TV
Doan xem
Next top, model out the city
Doan xem
Who be balling in these club
yea Doan xem
Show them bitches no love cuz they act lame

You know Imma star got these viggas peepin
They all want my number but they just can't have it
I aint here to play got no time to waste
I'll be gettin cash, millions in a day
All this *** money Imma get 'em
Met some fake last night, now forget 'em
Attention giving out, I just test 'em

Tryna set me up nhưng mà chúng nó đã lầm
Get used to it
Know I'm the baddest bitch
All my *** lit
I'm the hottest in the street
I don't fake it
I talk the way I live it
All these drips on me they wet
F* with me you gon' be bleeding

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