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Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Bài hát: Partied Out - Con Bro Chill

(If you party on the weekends everyday, you're gonna get partied
Out... let's party)

Oh oh oh oh oh x4

Party all day, oh
Party all night, eh
Party right now, oh
(Stick with it! *)
Party all day, oh
Party all night, eh
Your face will fall off,

Like geysers, of fire
This party's gettin' higher
I party, no fakin'
I go 'til dawn is breaking
Can't stop me, I'm on it
I know you really want it
You seem cool, don't care though
Are we about to party?
(Yes we are)


Oh oh oh oh oh x4

Ok wow, can't see now
This party's takin' me down
Where am I, can't walk right
I've overdone it tonight
I'm useless, can't help it
I think I hit the limit
It's over, there's no doubt
I think I'm-I'm-I'm partied out!
(Partied out)


(Whoa... so beautiful... where ya guys goin'?... party on for me... never
Stop... partying...)

Oh oh oh oh oh x8

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