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Đăng tải bởi: nct_official

Thể loại: Rap Việt

Nhạc sĩ: Phước Phật

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High demand, no drum, disband

It's gonna rain in South LA
Windy City blow my wings
Float across to NYC
Drink with champs in Miami
Skip the club in ATL
Make it rain in Tennessee
Meet with OVO in Omaha
Take a jet from Wyoming

I seen damn near everything

I used to sleep in Viet Nam
I was born in DMV
Thought it was the only place to B-
More is what I grew to see
Less is what I meant to say
Took some weight to move a key
B I know you came to play
Took a seat on Saturday
Are you here to take a stand
Wait I have another plan
Can you play the piano
We can learn to pull some strings
We was here on one accord
Every day I think the Lord
Every year a ford explore
Let's we take an expedition
Built to follow intuition
Good to lead the life you live
Can I borrow what you give
I won't leave you here alone
When I turn on my TV
It's Sun Rays on everything
Issa Rae on everything
Hit the club in my city
I can do my NE thing
Yeah, yeah, I got Mass Appeal
Always gotta keep that real green
Like the Everglades
We split, blunts with a blade
Rollin 8th's on rollerblades
Can you manifest with me
Grown women invest in me
Universe be testin me
Universe be blessing me
Multiverse's blessing me
7 chakras, 7 keys
Are you shocked I'm selling keys
Midi East by Lebanese
She a beast with 2 knees
She get the D cause she OG
She keep it G without OD

High demand
Drink with champs in Miami
Make it rain in Tennessee
Skip the club in ATL
Make it rain in Tennessee
Skip the club in ATL
Take a Jet from Wyoming
Float across to NYC

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