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Quách Tuấn Du

Tên thật: Quách Tuấn Du

Ngày sinh: 13/10

Quốc gia: Việt Nam

Tiểu sử

Quach Tuan Du, whose real name is Tran Trung Du, was born on 13 October in An Giang, 19 years old to Saigon.
In 2001, he met Hoang Dung, two of them had the same voice and style, so Hoang Dung was the teacher and the same person formed the D & D team, which then made certain success with the. Very good song.
After the group D & D disbanded, Guo Tuan Du became solo singer under the guidance of former singer Dung "nail". Nearly 10 years, if heard Dung "stabbing" step out the stage is the audience to dazzle eyes for kungfu performances, somersaults, spinning on the stage combined with singing. Therefore, when Guo Tuan Du under the management of Dung "nail", people also guessed some of his image.
Although not in the market share of the city, but in the western market and the provinces, Guo Tuan Du is also a very hot name. He was also adopted by artist Ngoc Son.
In November 2007, he met on a trip and stopped performing for a while. In September 2008, Quach Tuan Du returned with his Vol 6 album titled "Losing White".
After 9 years of singing, in May 2009 Quach Tuan Du spent all the money saved in each year to perform their first live show called "Super sing song" gathered many stars in and Out of the water, there are also close friends of Guo Tuan Du.
Do not look forward to, the show has been quite successful and received many emotions from the audience. Recently, he also tried his lyrical music in the album "Love" and introduced new vol.7. Most of them with the topic "Fear of you baby".

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