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Sarah Connor

Tên thật: Sarah Connor

Ngày sinh: 13/07/1980

Quốc gia: Germany

Tiểu sử

Sarah Connor (sinh ngày 13 tháng 7 năm 1980) là một ngôi sao âm nhạc người Đức.
Sarah Connor tên thật là Sarah Lewe sinh ra và lớn lên tại Delmenhorst
(Lower Saxony) gần Bremen, Đức. Lúc nhỏ Sarah từng hát trong dàn thánh
ca trong nhà thờ, sau đó cô theo học tại một trường âm nhạc. Năm 17
tuổi, Sarah biểu diễn trong một buổi hòa nhạc của Michael Jackson tại
Đức. Sau đó cô rời trường năm lớp 12 và gởi các bản demo đến các công ty
thu âm dưới cái tên Sarah Grey. Cuối cùng, cô đã kí hợp đồng với Sony
BMG năm 2001 với nghệ danh mới là Sarah Connor.
Cô đã kết hôn với nhạc sĩ pop-rock người Mỹ là Marc Terenzi vào năm
2004. Họ có với nhau một bé trai tên là Tyler (sinh năm 2004) và một bé
gái tên là Summer (năm 2006).
Green Eyed Soul 2001
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy!3:56
If U Where My Man3:38
French Kissing3:35
Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)4:29
From Sarah With Love5:08
Make U High3:33
In My House3:13
Where Do We Go From Here3:55
I Can't Lie3:42
Every Little Thing3:37
Can't Get None3:58
Man Of My Dreams3:11
Let Us Gome 2gether3:53
When I Dream3:29
Let Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Gena B. Good Remix)
Unbelievable 2002
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep)3:59
He's Unbelievable4:20
I Wanna Touch U There3:26
The Loving Permission4:50
Where Did You Sleep Last Nite?4:54
Skin On Skin4:44
Wait 'Til You Hear From Me4:20
1 + 1 = 25:02
Put Your Eyez On Me4:05
That's The Way I Am3:35
That Girl3:14
Sweet Thang4:05
Make My Day3:36
Teach U Tonite
Key To My Soul 2003
Music Is The Key4:38
Love Is Color-Blind4:46
Just One Last Dance4:30
My Intuition3:54
Daddy's Eyes4:09
Whatcha Wearing? (Interlude)0:46
Hasta La Vista!3:44
I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)4:47
When Two Become One4:52
Are U Ready To Ride?3:35
For The People3:20
I Want Some Of That3:51
At The Station (Interlude)0:45
Every Moment Of My Life4:16
Turn Off The Lights
Sarah Connor 2004
French Kissing3:36
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy!3:58
Skin On Skin4:03
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep)3:58
He's Unbelievable3:37
Music Is The Key4:03
Love Is Color-Blind4:46
I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)4:46
In My House3:14
Turn Off The Lights
Naughty But Nice 2005
Living To Love You4:17
From Zero To Hero3:46
I Just Started Being Bad3:39
Thank You4:45
You're The Kinda Man4:43
One More Night (Part Two Of The Osla Suite Trilogy)4:22
Keep Imagining4:00
Happy Anniversary3:09
You Are My Desire3:50
Dolce Vita3:57
Call Me4:02
Ohhh (Private Party)3:46
From Zero To Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You-Extended Album Remix)5:29
From Zero To Hero
Christmas In My Heart 2005
1 Ave Maria
2 Christmas In My Heart
3 Be Thankful
4 White Christmas
5 Sweet Is The Song
6 A Ride In The Snow
7 The Christmas Song
8 Why Does It Rain
9 Tonight's The Night
10 A New Kingdom
11 Come Together
12 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Soulicious 2007
1 The Impossible Dream (The Quest)3:33
2 Soothe My Soul4:17
3 Your Precious Love
Featuring [Duett With] – Marvin Gaye
4 Get It Right4:18
5 Part Time Love3:29
6 Sexual Healing4:10
7 Son Of A Preacher Man2:31
8 Soulicious3:45
9 Love On A Two Way Street3:41
10 One Day I'll Fly Away4:19
11 I've Got To Use My Imagination3:16
12 I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You)2:59
13 Same Old Story (Same Old Song)4:22
14 If It's Magic
Sexy As Hell 2008
Sexy As Hell3:13
Under My Skin (T.S.O.B. Mix)3:16
I Believe In You3:31
I'll Kiss It Away3:28
Still Crazy In Love (Final Part Of The Osla Suite Trilogy)4:26
Beautiful View3:18
See You Later3:28
Fall Apart3:08
Act Like You3:31
Your Love Is Dangerous4:00
Under My Skin
Under My Skin (Making Of)
Real Love
Cold As Ice4:12
Carry Me Home3:56
Leave With A Song3:08
Real Love3:08
Stand Up3:12
Break My Chains4:09
Can't Get Over You4:27
It Only Hurts When I Breathe3:50
Back From Your Love3:22
Time 23:30
Better Man3:20
Keep The Fire Burnin'3:52
Miss U Too Much3:57
Soldier With A Broken Heart
Single & ep
Boy! 2001
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Radio/Video) (Klimax)3:57
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Club Rmx Radio) (4play)3:58
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Sly's Dub Rmx) (Chill Out)4:17
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Club Rmx) (Main Part)
From Sarah With Love 2001
From Sarah With Love (Radio Version)4:12
From Sarah With Love (Kayrob Dance Mix)4:02
Man Of My Dreams
French Kissing 2001
French Kissing (Radio/Video)3:36
French Kissing (Divine Dance Rmx)3:59
French Kissing (Gena B. Good Rmx)3:46
French Kissing (Xtended Version)
He's Unbelievable 2002
He's Unbelievable (Radio Edit)3:26
He's Unbelievable (Album Rmx Version)
One Nite Stand 2002
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep) (Radio Version)3:32
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep) (Video Version)
Skin On Skin 2002
Skin On Skin (Radio Version)4:02
Skin On Skin (Kayrob Dance RMX)
If U Were My Man 2002
1 If U Were My Man (Pop Version)3:39
2 If U Were My Man (Album Version)
Bounce 2003
Bounce (Kayrob Radio Mix)3:13
Bounce (Jiggy Joint Radio Rmx)3:39
Bounce (Original Version)4:12
Bounce (Kayrob Vs. Goldkind Rmx)3:44
Bounce (Jiggy Joint Club Rmx)3:56
Music Is The Key 2003
Music Is The Key (Video Version)4:04
Music Is The Key (Album Version)4:37
Music Is The Key (A Cappella Version)4:04
Music Is The Key (Director's Cut)
Just One Last Dance 2004
Just One Last Dance (Radio Version)4:11
Just One Last Dance (College Radio Version)
Living To Love You 2004
Living To Love You (Single Version)4:19
From Zero To Hero 2005
From Zero To Hero (Single Version)3:45
From Zero To Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You-Radio Cut)4:01
From Zero To Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You-Extended Version)5:47
When A Woman Loves Man
Christmas In My Heart 2005
1 Christmas In My Heart (Single Version)4:14
2 Christmas In My Heart (Soulful Xmas Mix)4:02
3 Christmas In My Heart (Full Length Version)4:46
Enhanced Part
Video 1 Xmas Greetings From Sarah0:38
Video 2 'A Look Behind The Tour' - Clip
The Best Side Of Life 2006
The Best Side Of Life3:49
A Ride In The Snow
The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 2007
The Impossible Dream (The Quest)3:35
Sexual Healing 2007
1 Sexual Healing (Video Version)3:52
2 Sexual Healing (Original Radio Edit)3:51
3 Get It Right4:20
Video Sexual Healing
Video Making Of Sexual Healing
Under My Skin 2008
1 Under My Skin (T.S.O.B. Mix)3:17
2 Under My Skin (Delta Lab Mix)3:17
3 Touch
Lyrics By – A. Freeman*, B. Aris*, S. Connor*
Music By – A. Freeman*, B. Aris*
4 Under My Skin (Club Remix)
Remix – Marek Pompetzki, Paul NZA
I'll Kiss It Away 2008
1 I'll Kiss It Away (Radio Version)3:29
2 I'll Kiss It Away (Acoustic Version)3:27
3 Your Love Is Dangerous3:59
Bonus Track
4 I'll Kiss It Away (Live Version)3:30
Enhanced Part
Video 1 I'll Kiss It Away (Video Clip)3:30
Video 2 I'll Kiss It Away (Making Of)
Takin' Back My Love 2009
Takin' Back My Love - French Version (Sans L'Ombre D'Un Remord)3:50
Takin' Back My Love (Main Version)3:50
Takin' Back My Love (Junior Caldera Club Remix)5:20
Takin' Back My Love (Glam As You Club Mix By Guéna LG)
Cold As Ice 2010
1 Cold As Ice (Radio Version)4:12
2 Cold As Ice (PH Electro Remix)
Remix – PH Electro
Real Love
1 Real Love (Radio Mix)3:30
2 Faded

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