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Đăng tải bởi: universal

Thể loại: Video R&B/HipHop/Rap

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

[ti:Lollipop (Feat. Static Major)]
[ar:LIl Wayne ]
[al:Tha Carter III]
Uh Huh No Homo...
Young Mula Baby
I say he so sweet
Make her wanna lick the rapper
So I let her lick the wrapper
She she lick me
Like a lollipop (Yeah)
She she lick
She lick me
Like a lollipop
Shawty wanna thug
Bottles in the club
Shawty wanna hump
You know I like to touch
Ya lovely lady lumps
Come On Yeah Okay
Lil mama had a swag like mine
She even wear her hair
Down her back like mine
I make her feel right
When its wrong like lyin'
Man she ain't never
Had a love like mine
But Man I ain't never
Seen an ass like hers
That pussy in my mouth
Had me loss for words
Told her to back it up
Like berp berp
And I made that ass jump
Like jerp jerp
And thats when she
Like a lollipop (Oh yeah I like that)
Like a lollipop (I like that)
Shawty wanna thug (oh yeah I like that)
Bottles in the club (oh yeah I like that)
After you back it up
Then stop
Drop It shawty
Drop it like its hot
Do do do it shawty
Don't stop
Shawty said the nigga
That she with ain't shit
That she with ain't this
That she with can't hit
But shawty Imma hit it, hit it,
Like I can't miss
And He can't do this
And He don't do that
Shawty need a refund
Needa bring that nigga back
Just like a refund
I make her bring that ass back
And she bring that ass back
Because I Like That
Shawty wanna thug (yeah I like that)
Bottles in the club (yeah I like that)
Shawty wanna lic-lic-lic-lick me
Shawty wanna lick me
(I Let her lick the wrapper)
Call me so I can make it juicy for you
Call me so I can get it juicy for you
You know I'd like to touch
I get her on top
She drop it like it's hot
And when I'm at the bottom
She Hilary Rodham (Ha)
The Middle of the Bed (Yeah)
Give and gettin' head (Huh)
Give and gettin' head (Ha)
I said hmmmm I like that
Say hmmmm yea I like that
I said hmmmm yea I like that
Call me so I can
Come and do it for you
Come and prove it for you
Make it juicy for you
Get it juicy for you
Like a lollipop (Hahaha)
She She lic-lic-lic-lick me
Like a lollipop (I say he so sweet
Make her wanna lick the rapper)
She She lick me
Like a lollipop (And She Do)

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