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Đăng tải bởi: linhtbvtv

Thể loại: Video Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

Half away from having dreams.
On a Sunday, Sunday night.
Walking all alone in the streets.
On a Sunday, Sunday night.
But then an angel passed me by.
A little angel made me sigh.
Just when I wanted you.
A dream came true called love.

I wanna hear your heartbeat, wanna feel what you need.
Let me stay tonight by your side by your side.
I wanna hear your heartbeat, share your dreams when you're asleep.
Let me hold you tight in the night. In the night.

I don't wanna waste one second without your lovin'.
Without you Sunday girl.
You only got to reach out, reach out to taste my lovin.
Want you so. Sunday girl - (Oh, I really want you).

Heaven sent you down to me, on a Sunday, Sunday night.
Rescue me from misery on a Sunday.
Sunday night. You made me leave the past behind.
I've got you always on my mind.
Just when I wanted you, a dream came true called love.

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