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Thể loại: R&B/Hip Hop/Rap

Nhạc sĩ: Nhạc Nước Ngoài

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Bài Hát : As Long As You Love Me (Remix) - TiQ, Andiez

I love you boo
That's all she said
Love me? Why dont you hold me back
Why you're with him, who the hell is that
"sorry my bad
But i love you boo" thats all she said
My questions pissed her off, then she gone away
Beg her please stay
Dont get out there, you'll be stray
So that is the only time i shout at her
I couldnt find anyone else all around the world
I trusted you, put my faith in you
I live for music, and the rest for you
She ask me if i love her
Yes i do love you girl
If one day she cheats on me
I dont give a damn, the matter is.

As long as you love me
We could be starving
We could be homeless
We could be broke.

As long as you love me
I'll be your platinum
I'll be your silver
I'll be your gold
As long as you love me
As long as you love me.

Your love, i appreciate
My trust, you depreciate
We have a date on december 8th
To see you, i go over eleven states
Insensitive, you said you're busy
Postponed, dont come to see me
She said she aint feeling well, drunk too much
Hangover dizzy
Ok girl! Take a good rest, see you later
I will meet jest
So with my men we drinkin' hard
Chilling with the music, feel the bass
I saw her thru the window, walking with a guy i never seen tho'
Call her, said i need to talk
Im so fed up but she respond so mellow
I love you.

I promised babie
I won't let you go
But this time, i bet you know
You feel my anger, my head you blow
You gave me biters, my heart now close
So bye bye, i trust no hoes
Yeah im fine, just let me go
As long as you love me just let me go.

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