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Thể loại: Rock

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

Breathe in you are strong
All the barriers are gone
Let it carry us somewhere unreachable
I would never hurt you
Baby my virtue
Has proven itself unimpeachable Lets just say
There are those long days
There is this dumb luck
There is a brand new way opening up Streets buildings and cars
Faraway stars
My fingers move over the borderline
Breathe in youre the stranger
There is no danger
Well fall into that rogue right hand of mine CHORUS Skin all over you
Im a worrier its true
I came over to cushion your breakables
Breathe in you are stronger
You dont have to wonder
You know my convictions unshakable CHORUS There are these long eyes
There is this good love
There is a brand new way
Opening up (x3)

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