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Thể loại: Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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[ti:Can I Have a Kiss]
[ar:Kelly Clarkson]
[al:My December]
Kelly Clarkson - Can I Have a Kiss
(Kelly Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker)

Excuse me for this
I just want a kiss
I just want to know what it feels like to touch
Something so pure
Something I\'m so sure of
What it feels like to stand outside your door
I\'m unworthy
I can see you\'re above me
But I can be lovely given the chance
Don\'t move
I want to remember you just like this
It\'s only a breath or two between our lips
I know why you left
I can\'t blame you myself
Must be hard living with ghosts
and such an empty shell
I tried to warn you
I\'ve been a mess since you\'ve known me
I can\'t promise forever
But I\'m working on it
If I can\'t hold you
Can I give you a kiss
Can I have a kiss
I see that you\'re torn
I\'ve got some scars of my own
Seems I want what I know is
gonna leave me hungry
I need to remember you just like this
Can I
All I have
All I can give to you I will
Just promise this
If I can\'t have forever
Can I, can I

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