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Thể loại: Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

Song: Chasing Stars - Corey Niles, Alex Lacasse

But if you could teach me to fly
We'd be up so high
Up to the moon, gal
Lets discover a new world
Get ready to ride high above the sky
Lets run away far
They'll never know where we are
Cause we'll be chasing stars

Man every morning when I wake up
Walking with my head down wishing I just gave up
Till I met the right friend, put me on the right path
was walking down a road muck darker than Devils Ave
They said I wouldn't blow up
Told me call it quits
That *** fxcked my head up, I went and wrote a hit
Invested in myself and thats the only way
My inner Ninja told me kill em with it anyways
Look at him go, he was running and flying with no wing
Like a pro, he was running them bullets dodging the train
Can somebody hear me out for One Day?
I got a dream and I'm a young man who's chasing them today

Man I feel like I'm getting closer
I feel it in my bones I'm about to kill this *** on Oprah
I'm inspired to be inspiring, I used to a college kid
Now I get paid to preach my life, what a life we live
When labels drop you
They aint gon love you
Me came out of pocket started to profit
Trvelled the whole country so they'd hear me out
Used to work a 9-5 but that was tearing me down
Can somebody show me off put me in front of the crowd
I got something to say and I'm tryna say it now
I'm a youngin with a dream and I'm chasing it forever
And will forever be singing this here together

You know we all got dreams
This happens to be mine

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