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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ khác

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

Ching-ching, gettin' paid over here,
Ching-ching, gettin' paid over here, (this is...)
Thirsty, baby bring it over here, (a Missy Exclusive)
Thirsty, baby bring it over here,
See my money maker, do my money maker, (crazy baby)
See my money maker, do my money maker (serious man)
(Reversed) (let's go!)

Missy be a freak,
*** so good, I can freak you in my sleep,
Ice on my sleeve, I can make a room freeze,
Pockets more bigger than a stripper booty cheeks,
Dudes don't speak when they look at my physique,
French on my feet, cost about fifty,
I don't swing from a pole, Missy swing from a tree,
I'm Ahamed Ali, cause I can sting like a bee,
Whatchu know about that,
So cute and fat,
Let him hit it once, and watch the dude come back,
Cause the back so stacked, it's like sittin' on a jack,
Missy be a mack, that's a true fact
(Repeat Chorus)

Big things pop, little things stop,
If you talk a lot, in your mouth you get socked,
Miss don't flop, cause I'm a get the props, (come on)
House on the water, Aston Martin in the lot,
Look at my watch, cost a whole lot,
So iced out, you can't see it tick-tock,
Yeah I'm so hot, and I can't be topped,
Artist drop down like Michael Jackson socks,
Got the game locked, make your body rock,
If Missy ain't on it, then ya song don't knock,
You might get mopped like a floor,
So don't walk,
You don't need to spit, unless you live what you talk (Let's go)
(Repeat Chorus)

Missy switch it up, do ya damn thang,
Just like a chain, groupies wanna hang,
Talk that slang, gon' head and let it bang,
Make the hair stand like the hair on Don King,
Boom, boom, shing,
I shine like bling, bling,
Call me a queen, mean chicks stay in ya lane,
My flow so mean, if you know what I mean,
So fresh and clean, you can call me Irish Spring,
Whatchu know about that,
Talk like exlax, if ya game wack,
Then you ain't sayin' jack,
Just like that, ya, ya, to get axed,
Cause I got more hits than you can get out of a bat
(Repeat Chorus)

This is serious maaannnn!
Soft hook,
Whatchu know about that,
Whatchu know about that,
Whatchu know about that,

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