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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ khác

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

[Big Gemini:]
Russell Lee
Happy P
Come on

[Chorus: Russell Lee]
Have you ever met somebody
That will love you like I do
I'm goin' crazy
Crazy for you
And have you ever known somebody
That would give it all for you
I'm goin' crazy
Crazy for you

[Big Gemini:]
I've always
Been by myself, live life by myself
Never cared for solitude, just cared for the wealth
Steady stackin', never slackin', with no time to be wasted
While these other dudes chasin' broads, I was chasing that paper
But then (But then)
Came you (Came you)
And it was, over baby, I was, goin' crazy
For you
And I ain't felt this way in a minute
And I ain't gon' lie to you mama, *, I'm startin' to dig it
For real

[Pre-Chorus: Russell Lee]
Everything about you is what I like
I go crazy and I lose my mind
I trade my world and I give my life


[Big Gemini:]
And everyday, you make it clear that you don't wanna be replaced
Just by them little things you do
By them little things you say
Five years done past
We done went through some drama
From court dates to miscarriages, to you losin' your mama

[Bridge: Big Gemini]
But now (But now)
I see (I see)
That you my, one and only, baby
Oh, I'm goin'
I can't eat (I can't eat)
I can't sleep (I can't sleep)
No more, no more

[Big Gemini:]
It's like I toss and turn at night
Memories is my pain
I keep hearin' you laughin'
Screaming, callin' my name
Then my eyes open wide
And I see you ain't there
Then the joy from them years, they turn into a permanent tear
Of ink


[Big Gemini:]
My only sanity in these walls is just the thought of you
Paradise up in my mind just for a second or two
But then it's gone (Then it's gone)
And I gotta go, too
Because I change my ways, ma, I'm comin' home to you
For real


[Big Gemini:]
I'm goin' crazy for you

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