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Thể loại: Country

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Song: George Alley's F.F.V. - Flatt, Scruggs

Along came the F.F.V. the swiftest on the line
A-roaring down the C & O road just twenty minutes behind
A-roaring into Seville, getting orders on the line
Receiving their strict orders from a station just behind

George’s mother came to him with a bucket on her arm
Said, my darling son, be careful how you run
For many a man has lost his live in trying to make lost time
And if you run your engine right, you’ll get there just on time

Up the road she darted, against a rock crashed
Upside down the engine turned and George’s breast did smash
His head against the firebox door, the flames were rolling high
I’m glad I was born ’fore an engineer to die on the C & O Line

The doctor said to George, my darling boy, be still
Your life may yet be saved if it’s God’s blessed will
Oh no, said George, that will not do, I want to die so free
I want to die for the engine I love, one hundred and forty-three

The doctor said to George, your life cannot be saved
Murdered upon a railroad and laid in a lonely grave
His face was covered up with blood, his eyes you could not see
And the very last words that George said was nearer my God to thee

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