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Thể loại: Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

[Verse 1: Omarion]
She be rockin them D&G's
Her jeans be riding low
Homies breakin they neck
Just to see how far they go down down
Shawty put it on me like a pro
They say she got my head gone (yep)
She got my head gone (Shol is)
I can't even lie
She put it on me (Shol is)
I can't even lie
She got me homie (Shol is)
I'll fight you, Try to take her from me
'Cause she's all I got
'Cause she's all I got

You got
Baby you got that good stuff
Good love
Put it on me
Can't get enough
Yep, that's my girlfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend
All mine, all mine
Shawty with me all the time
Stay hot, stay fly
Keep her right by my side, (she so fine yeah,yeah)
Yep, that's my boyfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend
Yep, that's my boyfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend

[Verse 2: Bow Wow]
She got a body of a stripper man, stripper man (stripper man)
She be doing her lil dance
So I tip her man (I tip her man)
And man she hood wit it
So fine (uh huh)
Lil mama
So fly (yeahh)
Do anything for the b-o-dub
And thats why she stay right by my side
Like LL, she so bad
She likes when my True's sag
My tattoos, she like that
Anything she want, she got that
Them other broads, can fall back
They hate cuz they wanna be where you at
She number one like T-mac
What nigga gonna do you like that

[ Chorus ]

[Verse 3: Omarion]
Shawty got keys to my car
Keys to my crib
Always where I is
Always paying the bills (yeahh)
I keep it G
Yeah shawty put me down
I spend a G every time she comes around
She's my girl but I wanna tip her, yeeah
And her body's built like a stripper, yeeah
We keep it hot up in that Range
With the feet up on the dashboard, dashboard
She'll do anything I like (yeaaahhhh, yeeahhh)


[Bridge: Omarion]
Oh I won't give you up girl
You've got that (fire love)
People might hate us
But you'll always be my girl
(Don't be mad at me)
(Cause my girl is all mines, all mines) {sheee's all minnne}
That's my baby, that's my girl
And I need her in my world
She's got me going craaaaazy
(Craaaazy baaabyy)


Bow Wow Talks while Omarion gettin it in the background:
Yeah man, uh
thats my lil mami, you know what I'm talkin about
I fly G5, she fly G5
I stay fly, she stay fly
Simply as that
Aye man I even got the matching dog paw chain
You know what Im sayin to match my iced out dog paw chain
you know what I mean

Said that's my girlfriend (yep)
You see, said that's my girlfriend (yep)
[Bow Wow:] {We got another hit O}
You see, See she my girlfriend
Rockin that O chain
Yeah that's me man
[Talks:] Woo
I know you can tell she with me right?
Say man, just ask her

[Bow Talks:]
You can catch me man,
Ridin with the top down in my red L430 man
She sittin right there by my side
All day you know what im talkin about

[Omarion:] Bow Wow
[Bow Wow:] (Me)
[Omarion:] OMARION


And cut

[Bow Wow:] L - B - DUB gang
T - U - G yeah

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