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Thể loại: Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Bài hát: I Bet Remix - Ciara, Joe Jonas

[Hook: Ciara]
I bet you start loving me
Soon as I start loving someone else
Somebody better than you
I bet you start needing me
Soon as you see me with someone else
Somebody other than you
And I know that it hurts
You know that it hurts your pride
But you thought the grass was greener on the other side
I bet you start loving me
Soon as I start loving someone else
Somebody better than you

[Verse 1: Ciara]
So I'm supposed to believe that it's Fellini's calling your phone?
I'm s'posed to believe that they're asking you if you're home
I weren't born yesterday, not me
Can't get that over me, not me
I love you, but I won't be a fool for you
That is just something that I wouldn't do, babe
I mean I'mma stay if you could tell the truth
But you can't, no matter how much time I ask

[Pre-Hook 1: Ciara]
Is that your bitch over there, giving me the ugly stare
The one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair
You ain't gon' respect me no no no till I'm not there
See, I got you comfortable, now you ain't really scared

[Hook: Ciara]

[Verse 2: Joe Jonas]
There was never a day that I would never say that, I love you
Do whatever it takes, put a smile on your face girl, you know that's true
Walking away, I took all I can take, and now I'm through
If I know one day no one ever will love you, like I do
Tell me why I should stay
While you're lying straight to my face
I never wanna walk away
But this time it's just too late

[Hook: Ciara]

[Bridge: Ciara & Joe Jonas]
Baby, tell me what's it
Gonna take to keep it
All the way one hundred
You won't get it till I'm gone away (Away)


[Outro: Ciara & Joe Jonas]
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I hate, I hate that I'm
Singing this song
Singing this song
‘Cause I love you
Yeah I love you
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
I’m all cried out
I’m all tried out
I’m all fired out
Right now, it’s killing me
Cause now I have to find someone else
When all I wanted was you

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