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Thể loại: R&B/Hip Hop/Rap

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc


I do it all nightx2
I do itx2
Do it
All night I make'em say
Gimme some more
I do it all night

My whip is all white
I done had a couple drinks & I got a 'lil buzz so I'm feelin alright
But the night is just getting started
Haters get disregarded
Roll up them sweet creep creep
Let's hit these streets and get retarded
I pop a bunch of bottles
My bitch be poppin' too
Keep talkin out your face, She might be poppin you
She might be pop lockin' droppin down to the floor with it
Meanwhile all my dogs chasing paper that's right we go get it
So get it right
Kill the lights
I'm feelin' like I might just pop a pill tonight
'Cause the feelin's right
Pass me a Miller Light
Then grab that girl with that Coke bottle shape
She's my type
I take her home and do the do
I know the Kamasutra think what I do to you
Stick to you like superglue maybe even like a bubble gum
Don't go to sleep woman no matter how many times I come

I do it all nightx2
I do itx2
Do it
All night I make'em say
Gimme some more

I do it all nightx2
I do itx2
Do it
All night I make'em cash
Gimme some more

I do it all night
And I ride'em logs high
Baby lil' crib good, I'ma ask his shawty what that mouth like
Tell me if it's out of sight, tell me if he's slow and long
Then he made his tongue above his nose, I said "You know you wrong"
But I'm really like sho' you right, tell me where you wanna go tonight
Anywhere anyplace I can see in your face you are the prototype
To the ceiling I'm so so high
So so feelin'like I'm so so right
Please tell me why the 'dro's on fire I can't stop zoning & I don't know why
Beep Beep
Get about my lane
Y'all hoes can't do it like me
If ya thinkin I'm 'bout the game
Take a look at my you-N-I-T
That's right I'm back on deck, but don't get it twisted the strap on deck
The mac on deck, the pack on deck, and e'ry damn day keep a rack on deck
And that's on Jeff, that's on we, that's on Hoover and that's on me
That's that wood that match them seats, and that's in the Caddy and that's on 3's
No matter what they said I been gettin my bread, get my paper, get my check But anybody wanna try to ask I've been gettin some heeeead


How many woman can I fit up in my cadillac
So high I can't see, feelin like I got cataracts
Some in the middle of the night say I get drunk and don't know how to act
I don't know how to act

He don't know how to act
And I don't know how to stop
And I don't know how to quit
Blowin' on in the trouble zone
Now we need another fifth
And I mean up out my mind
Now I mean up out my body
See we do this all night
Is you comin' with me shorty


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