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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ khác

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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[ti:I Only Wanted]
[ar:Mariah Carey]
Mariah Carey - I Only Wanted

Doesn't it ever stay
Must it always fade away
Couldn't love ever be
Something tangible and real
Farewell, fairweather friend
Abandonment returns to taunt me again
I only wanted you to stay
Linger and mean the words you said
Foolishly I romanticized
Someone was saving my life
For the first time
I only wanted you to be there when I
Opened up my eyes
I was caught in your masquerade
Wish I'd stayed beneath my veil
But it just seemed so easy to
Open up myself to you
Once more into the wind
The embers scatter
And the chill settles in
I only wanted you to be
The one to get me through that night
I only wanted you
To be there when I
Doesn't it ever stay?
I only wanted you to

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