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Thể loại: Country

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

It's Saturday night and my daddy's up late pickin' with my uncle, Bill
The neighbors don't mind 'cause they have a good time sippin'
On my pappy's still old brother Ben got a fiddle in his hands and
Mama's on the mandolin when the music is right and the
Band is tight You wanna see 'em pick and grin, well everybody starts movin' to the
Sound of the guitar strums, everybody starts groovin' to the beat
Of the rhythm and drums so come on along get yourself really
On rock to the music and fun sip that wine and have a really good
Time and listen to a country song Old Sheriff Brown whenever comes around knockin' on a cold backdoor
It's a matter of fact you can find him outback pickin' on his old banjo
My brother Jack sneaks out from the back tryin' to get to sister Sue
Watch him closin' on the ground about turnin' around she knows a
Little jujitsu everybody starts movin' Everybody starts movin' just sip that wine and have a really
Good time and listen to a country song

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