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Thể loại: R&B/Hip Hop/Rap

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

Never has it been so bright, gotta tell bitches get outta my sight
bitch ya blocking my light/ I'm in Vegas front seat at the fight, I'm an alcoholic so you know I'm getting it right
Louie the xiii
Hennessey black when I'm thirsty, I like my liquor dark milk chocolate hershey, but first we gotta bang loose for the n*ggas that's been waiting on it, patiently debating even hating on it, bitch!!!
I started this gangsta ***, house shoes and a shotgun, check the pics, the hangover is over, Tela created the Liks, so tell the whole world to ***, real ***!! The addiction that you can't deny, 12 steps to recovery or else you die! Yeah this is for you and I fly pelican fly, *** tryna get by, when we can put that bull*** to the side and kill em!!
L-E- cool S, pull a flicker out in Sweden out an H&M dress, so what makes a mutha***a so damn fresh? We on the coast, yeah you know to the left
Louie the xiii
Back down original pack town originator, I'm full of 40's like the g-thang refrigerator, getting paper with my neighbors like the clippers and the lakers, drinking jack next to Jack court side at the Staples
Affiliation is vital for survival, we rolling, the caravan pullin' up with a million truck, and I'm feeling like a million bucks, an all-star n*gga still in chucks
Louie the xiii
You can say what you say, just spell Catashe right, still got a lot of Louie left over from last night, we alcoholic minded, DJ rewind it, bitches and liquor, we only *** with the finest, King T your highness, I'm timeless, Y'all n*ggas is spineless, drankin everythang on the wine list, So yeah n*gga come and catch this fade, or break bread and we can all get paid
Louie the xiii
I got 14 quarts, all sorts of imports, premium spirits, mixed with malt lyrics, don't *** with Xzibit!!!, I will crush your frame, say my name, I will hunt you like Sadam Huessein, I'm Crown Royal, coming out the Comptown soil, n*ggas in the kingdom stay loyal
It's the Old English, linguist, distinguished genius, always got a cup in my hand
Louie the xiii
Let's have a conversation bout my present situation, I don't need to be a star, I got my own constellation, professional inebriation, we having a conversation at Live Nation in heavy rotation, patience
Holding more information than the Free Masons, secret society, never tried sobriety, SS Bugatti, liquid Illuminati, coroner on your corner, pick up the bodies, We crash the party, Lo-lo's and Harleys,
mixed with Bacardi, man *** everybody!!! Yeah!!! And I'm feeling like a million bucks, to all my real n*ggas raise ya cups
Louie the xiii!!!!

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