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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ khác

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

[ar:Lil Wayne]
[al:《Tha Carter IV》]
[00:-0.40]Lil Wayne - Megaman
Album:《Tha Carter IV》

Faded off the kush I'm gone
Only 2 years old when daddy used to bring them hookers home
Looking like my grandma, my n*ggas got that ammo
We jack son and then light up that "L", "Samuel"

Rats gon' rat and snakes gon' hiss n*gga
Baseball rich n*gga, do this *** for all my homies
Where them bad b*tches at? Come and put that pussy on me
Tunechi you a murderer, boy you just be killing ***
Yeah you know that money talk, I am the ventriloquist
Tranquilizer in the trunk, put your ass to sleep man
Birdman Jr. got the world in my wingspan
How you n*ggas want it? Have it your way, Burger King
I get deep in that pussy, dig her out, surgery

Break in your f*cking home, take your life, burglary
Woah n*gga
Die slow n*gga
For dear life you're holding on En Vogue n*gga
Unload n*gga
Reload n*gga
Tools on deck, Home Depot n*gga
Well if life is a b*tch, then mine a gold digger
And all my b*tches nasty like a cold dinner
Everyday I go so hard and work my ass off
I'm good, I'm 100 like a fastball
It's Carter 4!
(I'm going back in man)

We get "f*ck Young Money", how you wanna play it?
That AK sleep on the side of my bed
That's one eye closed, one eye open
Your cap get peeled like I-B-Profen

This a crazy world and life is shorter than Bushwick
Young Money man we got this *** by a landslide
Boy I send them bloods at your ass like a tampon
Uptown ***, wet the whole party
Weezy gon' ball, ball like Steve Harvey
The heater I'ma tuck her, tuck her like D. Lawrence
That's my word like, word like the-saurus
I don't see no future in your fronting, I be stunting hard
Rap game dependent on me like a bungee cord
Fear nobody but God almighty
Shoot that motherf*cker till I get arthritis
I'm a beast, I'm a ass, I'm ahead of my class
I'm a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash
I don't talk it, I live it, I paint a picture vivid
And them pistols popping like they sitting in a skillet
I go so hard, I go so mean, I'm so New Orleans
Told the judge I couldn't budge, it was him or me
Forget the bull*** and remember me

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