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Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

I know it’s hard to imagine this
to end up without the kiss
from the one that you have loved for so long

I know it’s hard to imagine this
can’t live up to havin’ kids
knowing that the thought is long gone

I’ve come to the conclusion
that we are both losin’
what we’ve come so far to build

And there is no confusion
no gimmick, no illusion
to how sad it makes me feel

I’m speechless
Can’t believe it’s over now
Why did we take this route
happily never after

I’m speechless
Feelin’ far from sober now
I’m gonna be hung over now
’cause nothin’ else matters

Should I drink my tears away
There’s nothin’ left to say
But let’s just hope for a better tomorrow

No plan to make a stay
No not another day
Inaudible drownin’ in sorrow

I’m speechless
I’m speechless

I’m speechless
I’m speechless

I can’t believe I’m still standing
I can’t believe cloud nine’s landing
Lost grip of love when I thought we had this
Friends or not, we’re damaged

We learn to walk and to talk and laugh and cry
Why is it so hard to learn to say goodbye?

I could’ve sworn I was stronger
I wish I could’ve had longer

It’s time to wake up from the dreams
and make up for the things
I set aside when we were together
but everyone and everything
didn’t wanna wait on me
can’t expect a sudden change in the weather

Please help me

Nobody can hear me baby
I cannot breathe
I know God may just take me but
I cannot leave

I’m in this way too deep
to swim myself ashore
I need your help

I’m speechless...

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