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Thể loại: R&B/Hip Hop/Rap

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

You know what baby
I need to tell you something, and
It's something very important you know
I want you to take this timeout, and just listen, very close
You hear me, listen Can I have you for a minute
Don' get shy 'cause my heart's in it when I say,
"You got me stung out"
I don't know and I can't call it,
But whatever it is you got it, nothing without a doubt (yeah)
Never been the one to cling, and I don' like to be needed
But now, I guess that's all changed
That's why I get mad at your folks, 'cause I don't want you to go
(No babe I want you to stay) [Chorus]
You can say I'm trippin'
But I'm stingy and I can't hide it (I just want to keep you)
Wanna keep you all to me, I'm selfish way try to fight it
(Baby you're the only one) You're the only one
With the only love that's strong enough to claim me
So please forgive me I'm just stingy but how can you blame me? Baby tell me how you do it 'cause you got me so into it
I'm gone but I don't understand
So amazing, captivating, elevating, anyway you try to put it
I want to be your man! (so if you)
If you, I don't mind, it's alright, I'm for it, I would so adore it
Nothing turns me on more than being with you [Chorus] Do what you want
Anything, anything I will belong to you (oh anything I'm all yours)
You can do no wrong
Everything, everything I do it because I'm so wide open No joking you got me right where you want me to be.
I just hope you feel the same
'Cause I don't want nothing to change this is where I want to be.
So if you want to put me on
I don't mind, it's alright, I'm for it, I would so adore it
Nothing turns me on better than being with you
Baby I'm not tripping [Chorus: x2]

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