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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ khác

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Lời nhạc

Say you'll never. say you'll never, never ever ever go away...

Take me tight in your arms, take me in your heart tonight. If you really want me, you gotta learn to love me right. It's tearing me apart, babe believe me in your heart. All I ever wanted was only you..

Gimme your love tonight. Come back and hold me tight. So sad and lonely without you.
Gimme your love tonight. And everything will be alright. Com'on and take your girl back in your arms forever..

Oh I can't not explain every time it's the same. Oh I feel that it's real, take my heart !
I've been lonely too long, no I can't be so strong, take a chance for a man take my heart.
I need you so, there's no time, I'll never go...

I never touched the shadows of holiday but now I'm alone..
My Johny boy just left tonight.
Mixed up emotions touched by Johny,Johny come home !
Why did you go. it ain't alright !
Crying, wishing, hoping, yearning, all alone my body's burning. what can I do ? I call for you..

Jump in my car, don't be afraid !
Only a hero can never wake, you are my number one, til the morning turn the dawn...
Jump in my car I want some fun !
Baby when the working day is done, you are my everything, you'll give me more,you'll fill my dreams..

Fantasy boy, please be my lover and not my toy. 'Cuz I need you to be real, to be not fantasy. I want to touch and feel.
Fantasy boy, com'on and step into my life, it's so much harder to survive without your love for me. Come take me to eternity.

Deep in my heart there's a fire burning hot.
Deep in my heart there's desire for a start..
I'm dying in emotion, it's my world of fantasy,
I'm living in my, living in my dreams..

You are just my fantasy boy.
I made you up, you were my toy and I found you as a dream inside my head.
Your eyes are like a mystic dream, the deepest blue I've ever seen, you're a mixture of Paul Newman and chaplin.
Tell me why, tell me why you're so real when I'm dreaming...Don't you know I have to face reality..

Take your chance for paradise, I'm looking in your eyes, might be mine tonight..
Yeah I'm feeling like a fool , don't you still act so cruel, spend a night with me..
I can't lose my heart tonight, if you love me feel alright, is this just enough for me and you..
I can't lose my heart tonight, are you lonely deep inside, is is something in the air tonight.

Say you'll never, say you'll never...

Look in to my eyes and tell me what you see ?
If you're not so sure, then say it's mystery..
Since a day I met you baby I can feel,
Deep inside my heart I know it's real..

You have turned my dreams into reality,
Baby you're not a hunter, you're sweet melody..
It's a same old feeling baby It's so real
Deep inside my heart I know it's real..

Say you'll never, never ever go away...
Say you'll never, never ever go away...
Say you'll never, never ever go away...
Say you'll never, never ever go away...

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