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Thể loại: Pop

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

And the road and the road
And the car and the car
And your wrist touching my hair
We know we are traveling far, far
But haven't decided on where
And the sound of my name in your mouth
Is spicy and sweet, or as soft as a prayer
I say, lets turn to the south
There is nothing and everything there

There's a bottle of water, a bag of dates
An orange that I can peel
I can tell you a story, or sing if you want,
If you're falling asleep at the wheel
We can talk about when we were kids
And we thought there was nothing we couldn't achieve
Then years passed by and blinded our eyes
Now we need something else you believe

Oooh, something else to believe

You are silent for hours, I hum and I hum
I feel on the verge of a song
I wait for the words to come when they come
Lucky the road is long
And the music I hear in my head
Is the dance of the wind
Sweeping over the plain
The shade of your eyes,
The shifting skies,
And the rest, only love can explain

Oooh, only love can explain

At the top of the mountain the view is stunning
But soon it gives way to the night
You say you can tell it's the end of the tunnel
You ask if I've seen the light
The slope is steep
But the road keeps taking us down
To the river below
The sound of the wheels, the endless fields
And I'll go wherever you go

Oooh, go wherever you go

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