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Thể loại: Rock

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

Been down yeah! Well I look down and my mind blows
Away - Deep in the darkness "illuminate" Beyond a
Million miles - Something slid up to my head Circling
Around my eye - eye - eyes And I said, "Smooth operator"
Sez: Get up - get up - and outta here, Smooth operator
Sez: Yeah! Lights - band the traffic thunder two blocks
West of the rest - Tore away the bottom and saw life is a
Test - Beyond 1, 000, 000 miles - Well I ricocheted through
My head - One hand kill the other's cra-a-crazy -
What she said - Smooth operator sez: Get up! Get up! And
Outta here, Smooth operator sez: Yeah!!! Sail into night-
Ghost ship a tripping - Struck by the plunge something to
See - yeah - Bootleg the girl - she is a looka - Pure is the
Fear that breaks away - Straight to the sun I am a
Walk'n state of the art - all that I see [Yeah] New gods
Move whipp'n the shore and dash
On the reef - surf city... I walk
Alone and stare, man, right in the
Sun - Tear-jerk asylum and cemetery
Run - Well, how'd I ever get this far
Man? Smooth curves switchback the
Sweat - Underneath the body, baby -
Where what you see is what you -
See and what you get

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