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Thể loại: Rock

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

Lời nhạc

I make it half past six you come at seven
Always trying to keep me, hanging round
You little spoilt thing, girl you kept me waiting
Never contemplating my point of view
This comes as no surprise
Im a fool, for I believed your lies
But now Ive seen through your disguise
Who needs, well I dont need, who needs you?

Oh I believed you
Went on my knees to you
How I trusted you
But you turned me down
But its dog eat dog in this rat race
And it leaves you bleeding lying flat on your face
Reaching out, reaching out for a helping hand
Where is that helping hand?

How I was pushed around
dont let it get you down
You walked all over me
but dont you ever give in
Taking one step forward, slipping two steps back
Theres an empty feeling that you cant forget
Reaching out, reaching out for a helping hand

When I met you, you were always charming
Couldnt sleep at night till you were mine
You were oh so so sophisticated
Never interested in what Id say
I had to swallow my pride
So naive, you took me for a ride
But now Im the one to decide
Who needs, well I dont need, who needs you?

(acoustic guitars john & brian)
(cowbell freddie, maracas brian)

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