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Thể loại: Video Nhạc Hoa

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật

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Bài hát: Where Did You Go - G.E.M (Đặng Tử Kỳ)

Verse 1
Used to be looking at the stars,
Talking when the wind is blowing,
Watching the moving sunrises.
We used to be always together
Speaking foolishly that our love can last until the next century
How can you conquer my heart, then withdrawl and never approach again
Waiting alone bitterly, still waiting, difficult to conceal my tears

Looking at the text messages
Listening to the voice mail
When will "you" from yesterday approach again?

Tell me where did u do?
Words in my heart are left untold.
Oh tell me baby where did u hide?
Pain are left not understood
Where did you go?
Count how long we haven't seen each other
Wondering all through the night, every night,
Where did you Go?

Verse 2
Tonight, in the moonlight,
I see your shadow again,
touching my heart with flowers,
A heart that feels as sweet as honey, should be happy, why suddenly turn cold?
How come you hold me tightly one moment, then suddenly turn away and never approach again.
Waiting alone bitterly, still waiting, difficult to conceal my tears

Repeat [pre-chorus]and chorus

Where did you go? Where did you go?
How come when i need you now, you are not by my side?
Where did u go? Where did u go?
I miss you this second, but you can't feel it.
Where did u go?

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